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Our Story

Proudly serving some of the best Mexican food Aurora has to offer since 1974

La Cueva Restaurant in Aurora, Colorado is a landmark known throughout Aurora and metro Denver not only for it's authentic, tasty Mexican dishes but also for its community presence.  Established as a family business in 1974, La Cueva caters to a home-style atmosphere making its customers feel instantly welcome like "coming home for dinner."


When Norma Martinez met Nabor Nuñez in 1956, they were working at a restaurant, La Bonita, in downtown Denver.  This chatty hostess knew the handsome cook would be a serious businessman.  He knew she was destined to be his wife.  Nabor dreamed of having his own restaurant and knew Norma would be his perfect partner.  Their mutual faith and persistence made their marriage and family thrive.


In 1974, with their two children Molly and Alfonso, Norma and Nabor were able to purchase a small storefront at 9742 E. Colfax Avenue and realized their dream.  La Cueva became the first Mexican restaurant on East Colfax in Aurora.  The neighborhood was still mainly non-Mexican.  Nevertheless, the menu gave way to delicious "estilo Mexicano" items.  The Mexican menu gradually drew customers beyond the boundaries of original Aurora.  By word of mouth, La Cueva has drawn people who are attracted to the pride of the Nuñez family and their efforts in the community. 


Alfonso started cooking with his father Nabor when he was just 10 years old.  He continued working at La Cueva everyday after school.  Alfonso also managed to graduate from the Rocky Mountain Fire Academy and simultaneously had a twenty-two year career as a fire fighter.   He received additional culinary training at Johnson & Wales University in 2004.  Alfonso continues to enjoy serving your family all of his family's made-from-scratch recipes and continues striving to offer the best Mexican food Aurora has to offer.  He has added weekly specials created on his own and in fusion with some of his fellow fire fighters. 


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Best Mexican Food Aurora
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